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Submitted by
Mohamed Bejaoui

International En route Air Traffic Control
FAA Academy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Class T-301-65-2

April 16 thru July 23,1965

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Rafik Jegham (Tunisia), Mohamed kACEM (Tunisia), Freda Fedawi (Afghanistan), Abderrazak Msakni (Tunisia), Mohamed Bejaoui (Tunisia).
Second row: Charles E. Pratt (Instructor), Jose Alfonso Vinciguerra (Argentina), Izziddin Tamim (Syria), Efren Filipe Zapiola (Argentina), Hector Matta (Peru), Moses McFoy (Sierra Leone), Clyde Pepper (Instructor), Clifton Green (Instructor), Harry M. Crouse (Instructor).
Third row: Franklin B. Fitzgeralg and John W. Moore (Instructors)

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