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Last updated 03/18/17
History in Writing

Post your life stories here.  Do you have a personal experience or life story you would like to share about your experiences related to air traffic or aviation.  Submit your stories here.

  Life in a INSACS Facility by Jim Brown.
Learn about Jim Brown's experiences working in an INSACS facility in Hawaii in the late 1940's.
Combined Station/Tower (CS/T)
Jim Brown's experience in a Combined Station/Tower.

Why Did You Leave Me? by TJ Henley
TJ's wild Alaskan story as an air traffic controller in Kodiak, Alaska.

How I Became an Airline Radio Operator
Robert Roll's experience working for Braniff Airlines as a Radio Operator 1957-1961.

Meeting Mr. Lockheed
Scott Williams meeting with Allan Lockheed (Lockheed Aircraft Company)

Can you help?
Do you have access to any old photos related to air traffic history, buildings, equipment, personnel, or other related historical data?  Help restore memories. Submit your life stories to be posted here.

Forward your photos by one of the byfollowing methods:

  1. Scan your photos (minimum 300dpi) and email them to Webmaster (depending on size).
  2. Scan your photos (minimum 300dpi) and mail me the electronic version on a CD/DVD disk or other device and I will return it to you. Contact Webmaster for address.
  3. Mail the original photos (see #2) and I will return them.


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