Historical data and photo submitted by Robert Roll, former Braniff Airline Midway employee.

Dallas Love Approach (DAL), Texas,  October 1974.
H-RMV Runway 13
The Rigid Model Visual System was designed and constructed by Redifon Corp of Great Britain. It consisted of a GE color projector mounted on the simulator cab with optics and screens in front of the Captain and Co-pilot.  The images were generated by a Philips Color camera on a track mounted , servo controlled  gantry  in front of an approximately 15’ X 70’ vertical rigid model.   The rigid model  was a universal airport; however, the navigational aids could be changed to simulate various national/international airports to facilitate more realistic training. This system was controlled by a Texas Instruments Model 880 mini-computer (model number from memory.. may be wrong)  Quite the “State of the Art” at the time.  The Rigid Model Visual System was located in a special air conditioned room in the corner of  an end hangar bay at Braniff’s Maintenance Facility at Dallas Love Field.


The remainder of the collection is of various aircraft Braniff flew as well as a few of other airlines taken at various times and places during my career.

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