Grand Junction FSS Scrapbook, Colorado.

Submitted by Gini Bright

Ed Marvin (above)

L-R above, Kathy (Eagan) Sims, ?, Merton Smith, 2/14/1981

L-R above, Gini Bright, George Molitoris, Kathy (Eagan) Sims

L-R above, Merton Smith, Glenn Johnson (Supervisor), ? (AF tech)

Far right above, George Molitoris at Harry Peck's retirement.

Left, Harry Peck's 30-year retirement event.

Above, Kathy (Eagan) Sims holding two large snakes.

FAA's Saberliner N55, parked on the Grand Junction airport ramp.

Grand Junction Tower

Grand Junction Tower 9/23/1976

Approach to Grand Junction runway 29.

Retirement party invite list.

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