Medicine Bow #32 Radio Beacon, Wyoming, 2006.
The Department of Commerce demanded these sites be kept in pristine condition
including mowing lawns.  Flight check pilots were always complaining about weeds up
against buildings.

Historical note:  The Union Pacific Railroad is very close and Highway 30, the first to
connect the Midwest with the West is 1 1/2 miles away.  The Overland Trail from the
1800's is very close and of course this Low Frequency Airway.  They all converge at
this point!

Interesting Side Note:  The 1935 mystery novel, Obelists Fly High by C. Daly King, features a detailed description of a transcontinental flight in a Boeing 247, with much of the plot action occurring during an emergency bad weather stop at Medicine Bow field.

Photos and information submitted by Steve Wolff, Laramie, WY.
Mr. Wolff is looking for assistance in restoring this site to it's original condition. 

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