Photo submitted by Steve Wolff

Laramie FSS (LAR), Wyoming.
Laramie FSS was commissioned 1927 and decommissioned on September 29, 1991.

Laramie FSS was located on General Brees Filed.  Like all Wyoming FSS's the 
Airport/Facility Directory listed special remarks to advise pilots of hazards on and 
in the vicinity of the airport.  Antelope were the usual hazard to aircraft, but at Laramie 
large flocks of sea gulls or formations of white cranes migrating often disrupted airport traffic.

Heavy general aviation during the school year was normal as enthusiasts flew in for major 
sports events at the University of Wyoming located at Laramie.  In 1978 competing against 
more that 30 FSS's in North and South Dakota, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, 
Laramie FSS earned the regional award for Flight Service Station of the Year for the second 
time.  The station earned the award based on 68,000 flight services, 22,100 airport advisories, 
60 airman examinations, and 24-hour weather observations provided by a staffing of five 

Above history researched by Marilyn Maines in 1990 (retired 2001).

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