Submitted by John Lynch

Elkins FSS (EKN), West Virginia, 2006.
In this photo sits Specialist Penny Pavlicka at the Inflight 1 Position. 

Equipment listed left to right: The NOTAM Position is far left with two HIWAS remotes (from Broadcast) mounted in the panel.  Next is the Directional Finder (DF) Position and two VORTAC CRT Monitors (RCMF). 

Behind Penny is the ASOS monitor and Inflight Panel with the Localizer monitor in the upper left, the Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB) VOR monitor below, and ASI center and Wind Instruments.  M1FC and WSI monitors are next and the Frequency Panel, sitting on top of the consol is the TAPs Monitor (a leased program that provides temporary flight restrictions - TFR).  Inflight 2 is next, then the Lost Aircraft Plotting Board, Inflight 3 to the far right, Inflight 4 is next out of the picture. 

Historical Note:  Missing WSI monitors (leased weather graphics) every other position were sent to both Saint Louis AFSS and Miami International AFSS after building damage from a hurricane and flood.

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