Submitted by John Lynch

Elkins FSS (EKN), West Virginia, July 15, 2007.
Broadcast position combined with the Weather Observation position. 
The dry erase
board to the left of M1FC (black CRT) is the TIBs and HIWAS Status Information Area.
The CRT to the lower right is the ASOS input machine for weather observations. The
keyboard is missing since decommissioning of the position and after Lockheed Martin
was awarded the the contract.

The two tan remote BKW and EKN HIWAS recorders are directly above the ASOS and
the light tan remote HIWAS switches are above them on the top of the console.  Laying on
top of the center console is the National Weather Service (NWS) weather observation
recording form for maintaining weather observation currency.  To the left laying flat are
two temperature/dew point calculator wheels, just to the right of the fan.

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