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Pierre FSS (PIR), South Dakota.  1990.
Continental Express ATR42 and Mesaba Metro on ramp at Pierre Regional Airport 
in 1990. FSS is located on the second floor of the terminal where long row of narrow 
windows is visible. ATM office was on second floor to right (where the larger square 
window is located).

Historical Information
Pierre, South Dakota FSS (PIR) 1972
The Pierre FSS (PIR) was located on the second floor of the Pierre Municipal Airport terminal building.  Both, air traffic and airways facilities personnel occupied the quarters.  Pierre Municipal Airport is located four miles northeast of the City of Pierre, the capitol of South Dakota.  The airport had two runways, 13/31 and 7/25, both 150' wide and 6900' long, with a VOR Approach to 7 and 25.  North Central Airlines and Western Airlines served Pierre utilizing Douglas DC-9's, Boeing 737's and Convair 580's. 

In mid 1972, Pierre FSS was staffed with seven specialist, four who had less than three years experience.  They were Harold Bolyard, Roy Stanek, Pat O'Connor, Blaine Olson, Baxter Sowell, Wilbert "Will" Showers and Bill Parker (#3734).  The Facility Chief was Jack Mitchell (#3736).  Pierre had a large flight service area, covering over 20,000 square miles, including 45 airports, four remote VOR's, one radio beacon, one RCAG, direction finder (DF) and weather observations.  Pierre was well represented by FAA, hosting the FSS, Airways Facility Sector Office, Airways Facility Unit and an Airports District Office.  The South Dakota Aeronautics Commission was also located in Pierre,  They operated a Beechcraft Twin Bonanza (BE50) and a Piper Navajo (PA31).

Information from the FAA Rocky Mountain Intercom, dated 26 May 1972
Submitted by William "Bill" G. Parker #3734, Nov. 25, 2007


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